Dance Camp

summer-ballet-dancersSummer is the perfect time to introduce your kids to the wonders of dance. In our one and two week sessions, troopers will learn a variety of dance styles and physical activities. They’ll also explore other skills including flexibility, choreography and endurance all while having fun. This is a chance to meet some new friends, get active and practice your dance moves!

Summer Surge dance camp combines fun and learning in a safe environment just like our regular Dance Surge dance lessons. For every 10 troopers there is one instructor and one assistant to ensure that every trooper receives the attention and guidance they need.

    For this age group we’ve combined dance, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities to make each day as exciting as the last. These sessions are designed to make the best use of our mini-troopers’ energy and interests. Mini-troopers are always under professional supervision to ensure a safe and fun environment. And at the end of the camp, troopers will be treated to a special performance and pizza party!

    • Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and more
    • Daily Arts & Crafts
    • Outdoor Excursions
    • Special Performance (scheduled at the end of the second week)
    • Pizza Party (last day of session)

    Our older students can expect to perfect their dance moves and build on their knowledge of the art. These sessions are created with both the recreational and competitive dancer in mind, challenging the troopers to improve their skills in a friendly, encouraging environment. Each session is lead by professional dance instructors and assistants so that your budding dancers get the most out their summer camp.

    Our Senior-Troopers will also learn a number of professional skills, including how to create an effective resume, take headshots and perform in auditions. These skills are great for those pursuing dance at the competitive or professional level. Troopers will also try acting and singing in our ‘triple threat’ performer activities!

    • Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Lyrical and more
    • Special Music Classes
    • Outdoor Excursions
    • Special performance (scheduled at the end of the second week)
    • Pizza Party (last day of session)