Recreational Dance Disciplines

Why choose our recreational dance program?

  1. Unique to Dance Surge is capping class sizes. Each class will consist of a maximum of 15 students and have a highly qualified, professional and experienced instructor who specializes in the discipline being taught.
  2. All of our classes have Teacher Assistants accompanying the Teacher to ensure that each child receives individualized attention throughout the class.
  3. Every child participates in the year end performance as well as the “Finale” number which is the final performance of the evening.
  4. All costumes are professionally made to fit every child.
  5. Our recreational dance school is dedicated to serious learning in a professional environement, while still creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for the dancer. At Dance Surge, recreational dance is not only about the “FUN FACTOR”, rather it is a progressive progam designed to promote learning in an exciting, enjoyable surrounding. Your child will finish each year with great improvements to their style and technique. It is our gurantee!
  6. Our recreational dance program includes all dance disciplines: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pre-school Dance and more.