Dance Class Observation for Parents

Dance Surge invites our parents into the studio during parent observation week! Once a month, from October to May (with the exception of December) we allow our parents to take a peek and watch the last 10 minutes of their child’s class. This gives parents the opportunity to visually see their child’s improvement and growth throughout the year.

Parent Observation week is the last week of each month so make sure to mark your calendars!

  • Dance for toddlers Dance for toddlers Our 20-20-20 dance for toddlers is a unique program for younger children.
  • Acrobatic Dance Acrobatic Dance Your Body Can do More Than You Know! Fitness and Agility All in One
  • Jazz Dance Jazz Dance Excite and Dazzle Amazing Choreography and High Energy
  • Tap Dance Tap Dance Let Your Feet do the Talking! It’s All About Footwork and Stamina
  • Hip Hop Hip Hop Feel the beat and roll with it. A mix of trendy, edgy and fun moves