Musical Theatre

Want to be a Triple-Threat?


A Blend of Singing, Dancing and Acting

Musical Theatre is the combination of dancing, acting and singing. Classes consist of Broadway style routines. Students will be challenged to balance choreography, vocal melodies and theatrical performance at once. This class is an excellent choice for those looking to be the “Triple Threat.”

  • Dance for toddlers Dance for toddlers Our 20-20-20 dance for toddlers is a unique program for younger children.
  • Acrobatic Dance Acrobatic Dance Your Body Can do More Than You Know! Fitness and Agility All in One
  • Jazz Dance Jazz Dance Excite and Dazzle Amazing Choreography and High Energy
  • Tap Dance Tap Dance Let Your Feet do the Talking! It’s All About Footwork and Stamina
  • Hip Hop Hip Hop Feel the beat and roll with it. A mix of trendy, edgy and fun moves