School Director

Lisa Sergi is the founder and leader of Dance Surge. She opened the studio in 2002 to bring together the best of her experiences as an accomplished dance competitor and instructor. Her outlook and guiding principle for the dance school is based on providing a professional atmosphere, fostering childhood development and nurturing sheer enjoyment of dance.

Having danced since the age of three, Lisa has been committed to the art form for her entire life. At six years old she began dancing competitively, participating in competitions throughout North America, winning numerous awards and scholarships. She also participated in multiple Dance Masters of America (DMA) pageants with notable finishes.

But, unsatisfied by competition alone, Lisa challenged her skills and knowledge by assisting with instruction at the age of 14. By 18, she became a professional dance instructor, solidifying her dream to teach.

She went on to study Kinesiology at York University and earned her certification as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. With all of the necessary tools to become a well-rounded studio leader, Lisa brought her vision into reality with the opening of Dance Surge.

Her belief in dance as a comprehensive expression of athleticism, grace and skill, has created a studio that welcomes even the most timid dancer and allows them to express themselves in an environment is focused on individual growth.

Lisa’s years of competitive experience have also provided her the insight to know what shapes a successful competitor for those who do wish to dance among the best in the industry.