• Dance for toddlers Dance for toddlers Our 20-20-20 dance for toddlers is a unique program for younger children.
  • Acrobatic Dance Acrobatic Dance Your Body Can do More Than You Know! Fitness and Agility All in One
  • Jazz Dance Jazz Dance Excite and Dazzle Amazing Choreography and High Energy
  • Tap Dance Tap Dance Let Your Feet do the Talking! It’s All About Footwork and Stamina
  • Hip Hop Hip Hop Feel the beat and roll with it. A mix of trendy, edgy and fun moves

dance for toddlers

toddlerAt Dance Surge we offer a unique program call the 20/20/20 program for our young dancers aged 2.5-4 years. Each 20/20/20 lesson is comprised of 20 minutes of 3 different styles: jazz, acrobatics and ballet. This is ideal as it keeps our youngest students learning and interested while introducing them to a variety of dance styles.

The toddler dance class is a perfect introduction for your tiny dancer. Our dance instructors create a fun and safe environment perfect for your pre-schooler’s first dance steps.