About Our Dance School

Dance school in Thornhill since 2002

Dance Surge was founded by professional dancer and instructor, Lisa Sergi. Ever since, it has become the premier studio for budding dancers of all types.

Our philosophy

is that dance can reach and inspire everyone, whether you are interested in the fun, fitness or competitive aspects of the art. Guided by expert instructors with a combined experience of over 30 years, Dance Surge students receive every advantage.

dancing-figure-6Our classes are capped at 15 students

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All dancers will participate and perform in a stress free year-end recital.

Our year end dance recitals are held at the beautiful Richmond Hill Centre. We are able to make the shows a comfortable length for parents, grandparents and young children.

Students dance to age appropriate music and choreography and all costumes are sewn or purchased for you – No hassles for parents. Students and parents are never required to fund raise for school events.